Horsemanning / Horsemaning Video on Fox Boston

Horsemanning / Horsemaning on the News!

Forget Planking, Cone-ing, Owl-ing and leisure diving. There’s another new trend in bizarre photo opportunities called horsemanning or horsemaning. The term actually comes from the story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. It was first made popular in the 1920′s and is making a comeback. Horse-manning involves taking a picture where it appears you have been be-headed. The news anchors in the following video have some fun with the new trend

Join the Horsemaning Movement

Joining the horsemaning / horsemanning movement is simple – just grab a friend friend or two and horseman! Check out our photo gallery for creative ideas and submit your picture for posting.  You can also join the social community on facebook and twitter and even create your own horsemaning meme.


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