Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater Company Reveals its 2011 Collection

As you probably know, ugly Christmas sweaters are quite the trend these days.  In the 1980s it was very popular for people to wear ugly Christmas sweaters.  In fact, there were hundreds of companies that made these sweaters for people to wear.  Over time, this fashion became less and less popular and the sweaters that were once extremely popular in the eighties slowly faded as other fashions emerged.

Today, the ugly Christmas sweater trend is back and it is stronger than ever.  Much of the popularity of these sweaters is do to the increase in ugly Christmas sweater parties.  These parties are thrown by corporations like AOL, bars and pubs, and at house parties.  Basically, the idea is that you should wear the most outlandish or funny Christmas sweater you can find.  Sometimes these sweaters are ugly and sometimes they are nice sweaters with a funny twist. Google reported last year that searches for these Christmas sweaters were way up from the previous year.

Ugly Christmas sweater pub crawls are also extremely popular.  Cities like Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Diego, and San Francisco host pub crawls dedicated to wearing hideous and humorous Christmas sweaters.  One pub crawl in Reno, called the Reno Santa Crawl, encourages guests to dress up like Santa or Elves.

One company, Tipsy Elves, specializes in manufacturing new ugly Christmas sweaters.  It carries 12 designs and we think they are great.  Some of their sweaters feature humping reindeer and others like their Bucktooth Rudolph design would be more appropriate for an office party.  They also have a line of 12 accessories including a reindeer hat and Christmas bomber hat.  They launched this year and from the looks of their collection, we think they will do very well this year.

Tipsy Elves prides itself knowing that each ugly Christmas sweater it sells is brand new.  In prior years, people have had to search at used clothing stores and on eBay for sweaters, but the problem is these sweaters are used and usually you can’t find the right size in the sweater you like.   However, with the twelve designs and assortment of sizes offered by Tipsy Elves, it is pretty certain that anyone looking for a Christmas sweater this year, will be in luck.


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